Fred J. Levenston's Safe Robbed of $15,000 Worth of Diamonds in 1924


Thieves Enter By A Fanlight Open the Safe

Cut Out Lock After Dragging Heavy Safe Into Corridor

An Overnight Haul

Insurance Papers and Stock Certificates Also Removed by the Robbers

The Toronto Daily Star September 3, 1924


Fifteen thousand dollars' worth of assorted diamonds were stolen from a safe in the office of Fred J. Levenston, 8-10 Wellington Street East, during the early hours of this morning.

The thieves apparently entered the office by a fanlight over the door, dragged the heavy safe into the corridor outside, and there cut out the lock and opened the safe.

In addition to the diamonds, Mr. Levenston lost his insurance papers and a number of stock certificates. The safe was absolutely empty when found this morning by Caretaker Joseph Williams, when he came to work at 6:30 o'clock. Beside the rifled safe were the tools used by the thieves, a hammer, a crowbar and cold chisels. These were taken by Detectives Nursey and Keys, who are investigating the robbery.

The office of Mr. Levenston, who for 11 years has been Canadian agent of S. Strauss & Sons, of London, England, well known diamond merchants, is situated on the third floor of the building. Over each doorway there is a fanlight, and the fanlight to the entrance door had been removed. The safe stood by the window of Mr. Levenston's inner office, of which there are two, the other occupied by Mr. L. N. Vanstone, manufacturers' agent. The safe was securely locked and everything was in order when the offices were closed last night.

The combination lock was apparently cut out by means of a cold chisel, no explosive being used as is generally the case. The whole lock was lying on the floor beside the open door of the safe.

Mr. Levenston told The Star that stones had arrived some time ago from England by registered mail.

Taken With Diamonds Portmanteau is Found

The Toronto Daily Star September 4, 1924

A portmanteau containing papers taken from the safe of F. J. Levenston, 8-10, Wellington Street East, at the same time that diamonds valued at about $15,000 were taken on Tuesday night, was found yesterday on the banks of the Credit river, near Port Credit. It was discovered by an employee of the St. Lawrence Starch Company named Cotton. Beside the diamonds Levenston's marriage certificate, and birth certificates of his children were taken. Levenston is the Toronto agent for Strauss & Sons, diamond merchants, of London, England.


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