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By Lee, Hyo Jeong

WWOOF KOREA was started by Lee, Chang Yul in September, 1996. He learned about WWOOFing while travelling in Australia. In just over a year, WWOOF KOREA has arranged a thousand trips abroad and has also been trying to encourage local farms to open up to foreigners. So we are gradually making the roads into the WWOOFing concept.

How It Operates

For Koreans - If a Korean wants to do WWOOFing abroad, we will make arrangements, from getting an air-ticket to getting WWOOF membership.

For Overseas Visitor - For overseas visitors who are interested in WWOOFing in Korea, we will make arrangements for you to stay on an organic farm in Korea.

The Work - The work you will do for these hosts will be wide and variable. On farms it will cover all aspect of farm maintenance and will include such thing as: sowing, wood cutting, building, feeding, harvesting, weeding, compost making and so on.

The Period - The minimum stay with a WWOOF host is a week, the maximum stay is by mutual agreement between you and your host. Please make sure that any visas you need are in order before you travel to Korea.

How to join - Korea WWOOF is open to everyone, all nations, no age limit, no discrimination. The cost of membership is USD $25.

K.P.O BOX 1516
TEL : 82-2-723-4458
FAX : 82-2-723-9996

How to get to our office: Take the subway ( red line = No 1 ) Get off at the Gonggak station Exit No 1- KFC B/D, floor 10

The Main Farms of Korea

1. Young-Kwang Farm

This place is known as the first Holy Land of One - Buddhism. ( It's one of many Buddhist farms) There is a university where you can use library materials and facilities at any time. After driving about an hour, you can reach the sea. The work you will do is growing grapes, feeding, weeding, rice farming and so on. And also, you can learn the techique of making pottery. ( They have several kilns.) Average of 4 to 5 hours would be fair exchange. Totally Organic!

Address: One-Bul-Kyo Young San Sung Ji 2 Bun-Ji, Kilyong-Ri, Backsu-Eup, Youngkwang-Keun, ChunNam.
Phone: 0686-52-6344

How to get to there

  1. Take the bus for YoungKwang at the Kangnam Express Bus Terminal. (Orange Line = Subway line No: 3 )
  2. After you arrive in Youngkwang, go to the Youngkwang bus terminal.
  3. Take the bus for Backsu-Eup, Kilyong-Ri.
  4. Get off at the One-Bul-Kyo Young San Sung Ji.

2. Cheju-Island Farm

Maybe you've heard a lot about Cheju-Island when you read a book on Korea. Chuju-Island is touted in the tourist literature as Korea's Hawaii, and indeed it offers some Hawaiian-style geographical features. It began as the favoured honeymoon destination for Korean couples drawn here by the lure of the warm south. Climate here is significantly different from the Korean peninsula and you can even find palm trees. Cheju farm also belongs to One -Buddhism. This place is well known as the camp site for university students. The work you will do is maintenance campsite, growing vegetables and herbs. When staying here, you will get the opportunity to meet many Korean young people.

Address: OneBulKyo Kuk-Je- Hul- Ryeon- won (Onebulkyo International Training Centre) San 98, Kosung-Ri, Aewall-Eup, BukCheju-Keun.
Phone: 064-99-2332

How to get to there

  1. Book a flight for Cheju-Island
  2. As you arrive in Cheju airport, go to the bus terminal.
  3. Take the bus for Daejung or Moseulpo/ Joongmoon or Seogwipo. The name of road is Seo-Bu-San-Up-Do-Ro.
  4. Get off at the Yang-Jam-Dan-Ji.

3. Geo-Moon-Goal Farm

At Geomoongoal farm, located in the valley of Mt.Backwoon, Chungchongbuk-Do, they love music and art. This farm has panoramic views of the surrounding hills, mountains and forest. (fresh air, forest and clean water.) Also you can enjoy a variety of activities such as tramping, mountain climbing. The work you will do here is gardening, growing herbs and wild flowers, feeding ducks and so on.

Address: Geo Moon Goal Farm Woonhak 1-Gu, Backwoon-Myeon, Chechon, Chungbook.

Phone: 0443-45-2096

How to get to there

  1. Go to the Dong-Seoul-Bus terminal (Green line=subway no 2)
  2. Take the bus for Chechon.
  3. After arrive in Chechon, take the bus for WoonHak 1-Gu.
  4. Get off at the Woonhak 1-Gu(Geomoom goal farm) bus stop.

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