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In Vancouver, as in most cities in North America, farm animals are outlawed by city bylaws. But many city farms in England feature animals.

In Britain there are over 60 such City Farms linked to the
Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens
The Greenhouse
Hereford Street, Bedminster
Bristol BS3 4NA
Phone: 0117 923 1800
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Inner city children are able to learn at first hand how to look after animals and plants, and how farming produces food for the table. For many who never see 'real' countryside, this is there only opportunity for contact with non-domestic animals.
Huxley and Angus

Photo of Huxley, a Vietnamese pot bellied pig
and Angus, volunteer at City Farm Byker

Byker Farm is The Best

by Amy and Jenifer (Aged 10)

All Animals are nice.
Need all the money they can get for food.
In the farm we have ducks.
My favourites are the goats and cows.
Around the farm we go.
Let people stroke animals.
Some of the animals are cute.
On the farm we have pigs.
No one is allowed in the River.
The geese may bite.
Huxley eats lots and lots of food.
Eat your sweets or Huxley will.
From the farm we get eggs and milk.
Animals eat grass and hay.
Riding on horses here we go.

City Farms are also community gardens, providing space for people to grow vegetables and flowers.

Some City Farm Site on the Web

Stonebridge City Farm "Goats are kept to provide dairy produce (milk, cheese and yoghurt) and fibre. Today's dairy goats have been bred from European stock imported into this country from the end of the 19th Century. For their size, they are more efficient milk producers than cows."
Heeley City Farm Visit four acres of farm and gardens just one mile from the centre of Sheffield. See rare and unusual domestic animals including Ben and Smokey the Vietnamese pot bellied pigs, Fern Chough the Exmoor pony and Molly the Irish moiled cow. Relax in our healthy Café and Plant Centre. Play in our under 7's play area (if you're young enough) or wander around our herb gardens, polytunnels and vegetable plots.

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