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Cawston Community Garden in Kelowna BC

image Central Okanagan Community Gardens - "Gardens Grow Healthy Communities"
Our Mission: To help neighborhoods & communities create sustainable green spaces for gardening, food production, gathering, and education.

The garden is located on Cawston Ave between Bertram and St. Paul, behind the Unitarian Fellowship Church of Kelowna. The Committee and volunteers will be preparing the site starting at 10 am and finishing by 3:00 pm. Refreshments will be available to volunteers, the media, and to neighborhood residents. At 3:30 the Regional District will be presenting a "Go Natural" information session at the garden site for neighborhood residents.

Community Gardens provide a place for people without access to garden space to grow vegetables and other crops, providing them with inexpensive nutritious food and a social place to be active and enjoy the outdoors. Most gardens utilize "minimal impact" or organic gardening techniques.

Local residents interested in having access to the community garden plots, and who do not have access to garden space, are welcome to sign up on September 27th. Community agencies are also welcome to sign up for plots. Three plots are designed for wheelchair access (6'x2') and 10 plots are designed for general access (4'x4'). The Committee will be alloting plots based on need and availability.


The "Go Natural" information session at 3:30 pm is open to all neighborhood residents, whether they want to "community garden" or not. These sessions focus on water-wise gardening, grass-cycling, and composting.

COCG is very grateful to their primary supporters, the Unitarian Fellowship Church of Kelowna who generously provided the garden area, and the City of Kelowna's Social Development Committee for start-up funds. Many other local businesses and residents are also providing support in the form of skills, labour and materials.


Please call Cathy Richards at 250-868-7829 or Cheryl Miller at 250-763-8008 for further information on the history of the Central Okanagan Community Gardens Committee, the members or upcoming events.

Community Gardeners Meet to Plant Bulbs

On Saturday October 25th, from 11 a.m. til noon, local residents who have signed up for a community garden plot at the Cawston Community Garden will be planting flower bulbs for next spring.

This meeting will also give the gardeners a chance to meet each other and discuss plans for their vegetable gardens that they will plant in the spring.

The Cawston Community Garden is the first project of the Central Okanagan Community Garden committee. This committee received start up funds from the City of Kelowna. The Cawston garden space was made available by the Unitarian Fellowship Church of Kelowna. It is on Cawston Ave between Bertram and St. Paul. Numerous businesses and volunteers contributed to the project.

Community gardens give people a chance to improve their social situation, to get some outdoor exercise, and to grow vegetables to help improve their nutrition.

There are 2 regular plots (4' x 4') and 1 wheelchair access plot (6' x 2') still available. Any individuals or community groups interested in signing up for these plots can contact the committee at 868-7836.

Cathy Richards

Cawston Garden Guidelines

I agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  1. I understand that a process developed by the garden committee allocates garden plots.
  2. I will pay a nonrefundable fee of $15.00 to help cover garden expenses.
  3. I will have something planted in my plot by the end of June and keep it planted all summer long.
  4. I will keep weeds down and maintain the areas immediately surrounding my plot.
  5. I will establish and keep a regular maintenance schedule throughout the growing season and arrange for someone (preferably a neighboring gardener), to care for my plot during my time away.
  6. I will be contacted if my plot is found to be neglected or improperly cared for. If a solution cannot be found then the plot will have to be reassigned.
  7. I will follow the guidelines of Integrated Pest Management, which is the practice of avoiding herbicides and pesticides in the garden.
  8. I will keep trash and litter cleaned from the plot, as well as from adjacent pathways and fences.
  9. I will use the compost bin where available for depositing garden waste only. I will not include pernicious weed material or any food waste, paper or plastic.
  10. I will harvest my crop only, unless given permission by another plot owner.
  11. I will not bring pets within the perimeter of the garden.
  12. If I must abandon my plot for any reason, I will notify the garden coordinator (or the garden committee).
  13. I will participate in the fall clean up of the garden.
  14. I understand that neither the Central Okanagan Community Gardens (COCG) nor the owners of the land are responsible for my actions. I THEREFORE AGREE TO HOLD HARMLESS THE COCG AND OWNERS OF THE LAND FOR ANY LIABILITY, DAMAGE, LOSS OR CLAIM THAT OCCURS IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OF THE GARDEN BY ME OR ANY OF MY GUESTS.

I have read, understood and agree to abide with the above.

Name & Phone of Plot Holder
Site Location:
Plot Identification:

Tools Needed For Work Party

Please label all of your tools well.
The Central Okanagan Community Garden is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Rakes 4
Shovels 8
Garbage Bags 6
Gloves please bring a pair for yourself and an extra pair if you have it
Measuring Tapes 4
Felt Pens 4
Power Saws 2
Hammers 10
Levels 4
Working Area (2 saw horses and a sheet of plywood)
Brooms 3
Dustpans 2
Wheelbarrows 5
5 Gallon Buckets 2
Quick Set Concrete
Paint Brushes 4
Paint Trays 2
1 Gallon Buckets 4
Large Tarps

Central Okanagan Community Gardens

The Central Okanagan Community Gardens Committee
Cheryl Miller President Kelowna Community Resources
Cathy Richards Secretary/Media Interior Health
Lisa McIntosh Treasurer Urban Harvest Organic Delivery
Ruth Mellor Member Self
Susan Ray Coordinator Sun Ray Consulting

Our Vision

Gardens Grow Healthy Communities.

Our Mission

To help neighborhoods and communities create sustainable green spaces for gardening, food production, gathering and education.

Goals and Objectives

1. Location Goal COG will facilitate the development of stable and accessible community garden sites in a variety of locations to meet community needs.

A) To develop the St.Paul/Cawston site as our pilot project.
B) To pursue and develop other sites.

2. Awareness Goal
COG will increase the community awareness of the benefits of community gardens.

A) To increase awareness amongst our target groups :
i) public
ii) decision makers
iii) funders/sponsors
iv) users/clients/members
v) schools

3. Food Security Goal
The Gardens will contribute to food security* in the Central Okanagan.

A) To increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables.
B) To encourage people experiencing food insecurity to participate.
C) To encourage growing practices that are sustainable and environmentally responsible.
D) To donate food surpluses to people experiencing food insecurity and the agencies that serve them.
* as defined by the Central Okanagan Food Coalition

4. Community Building Goal
We will seek to involve a variety of user groups for the gardens.

A) To attract and accommodate a variety of people; for example:
- people without access to land
- people living with disabilities
- seniors
- teens/children
- families and individuals
- people of all cultural backgrounds
B) To provide related educational opportunities; for example:

- Nutrition
- Cooking/preserving
- Growing (IPM [Integrated Pest Management], organic)
- Composting
- Seed saving
- Starting your own community garden
- Sustainability (gardens, agriculture, food choices)

5. Partnerships Goal
We will form strong partnerships in the community in order to develop, maintain, and expand community garden initiatives.

A) To form partnerships with key target groups:
1) city
2) regional district
3) community agencies
4) residents
5) neighbors to garden site
6) funders
7) and welcome new partnerships as opportunities arise

B) Evaluate partnerships regularly for effectiveness.

6. Operational Goal:
We will manage our affairs in a transparent and ethical manner consistent with our vision and goals, while respecting the diverse needs and values of our partners and participants.

A) To develop a structure and regulations that support the needs of the community.

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