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Special Issue On Urban And Periurban Forestry

Urban Agriculture Magazine - Call For Contributions

The Urban Agriculture Magazine (UA Magazine) is published three times a year on the RUAF-website ( and in hardcopy version. This English version is translated in Spanish, French, Arabic and Chinese. The UA-Magazine facilitates sharing of information on the impacts of urban agriculture, promotes the analysis and debate on critical issues for the development of the sector, and the publication of "best" or "good" or even "bad" practices in urban agriculture. The UA-Magazine welcomes contributions on new initiatives at individual, neighbourhood, city and national levels. Attention is given to the technological aspects, as well as to socio-economic, institutional and policy aspects of sustainable urban food production and distribution systems. Although articles on any related issue is welcome, and is considered for publication, each UA-Magazine focuses on a selected theme.

Forthcoming are the following issues:

No.12: Gender in Urban Agriculture: April 2004
No.13: Urban and Periurban (Agro)Forestry: October 2004


During the last decade the attention for urban agriculture has increased. Although urban farmers in many cities in the world still struggle to see their main survival strategy recognized by the respective city authorities, the number of programmes and projects, international, national and local, to promote urban agriculture have increased. The demand of policy makers and local practitioners for inspiring examples of successful policies and action programmes from other countries and cities is therefore growing. This is clearly illustrated by the demands voiced during international and regional workshops and by the RUAF Partners.

The focus of the UAM has so far been on the role of urban agriculture in sustainable city development, and to a lesser extent on the biodiversity and greening aspects. But the call to have explicit attention to urban greening, parks, agroforestry, etc. came from different sides. The contributions that urban green areas can make to sustainable urban development have become recognised, not only at the local but also the national and international level. Urban green space provides a wide range of social, cultural, environmental and economic goods and services, thus contributing to liveable and sustainable cities, as well as better urban livelihoods.

This special issue of Urban Agriculture Magazine will assess the status and prospects of urban and periurban forestry (UPF) and agroforestry. During recent decades, UPF has been developed as integrative and interdisciplinary approach encompassing the planning, establishing and management of those urban green areas in which trees are the main element, such as woodlands, parks, gardens, cemeteries, derelict land and former industrial sites, and roadside and square plantations. Although the concept of UPF emerged in North America, it is increasingly providing a framework for sustainable green area conservation and development across the world. Links between urban forestry and urban agriculture are obvious, but yet to be fully explored.

This issue is a collaborative effort of RUAF with the European Urban Forestry Research and Information Centre (EUFORIC); the Danish Centre for Forest, Landscape and Planning; and the Forestry Division of FAO.

This special issue will focus on the relation between urban agriculture and (agro)forestry in the city. Contributions from different parts of the world are invited that discuss:

The main target group of the UA-Magazine are "senior officers in Municipalities, governmental organisations, NGOs, farmer organisations and community based organisations, that are in the position to influence policies and programme development".


You and/or your colleague(s) are invited to contribute an article to these issues of the Urban Agriculture Magazine. Your contribution should give a clear description of the experiences gained, address the policy implications of your experiences and include recommendations for local policy makers and planners. Articles should be written in such a way that those working with farmers could readily understand them.

We would like to receive articles of up to 2500 words long (This is about 4-5 pages A4 and 3 pages in the UA Magazine). Articles should preferably be accompanied by illustrations (digital if possible: jpg. format of good resolution) and not more than 5 references. The availability of a good abstract is appreciated. If you are interested in writing an article, or want to share other information, please send us your contribution as soon as possible, but not later than the mentioned deadlines. If you know anyone else who might be willing to contribute, please pass on this call for contributions or let us know. Articles will be examined for selection by the editorial team consisting of the RUAF editor (René van Veenhuizen) with the RUAF Partners and/or a Specialist on the Subject as Guest Editor.

The UA-Magazine will also include reviews of recent literature and a section on upcoming events. We therefore also welcome any information on recent publications and videos, information on workshops, training courses, conferences, as well as information on relevant journals, weblinks, networks, etc.

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